How to register?


You have to come to our office with your ID card and the money in cash (see our prices).

Foreigners who are not from the European Union have to bring a residence permit issued in Belgium. If they only have their passport (with a visa, depending on the country), they have to pay extra fees (from 90€ to 150€). This depends on the courses and the number of units that they chose.

When registering, you will take a test to determine your level. This enables you to register for the level that fits best corresponds in the best way to your knowledge of the language.

237 chaussée de Haecht

For day classes beginning in April: from the 19th of March
For classes beginning in September: from the 7th of June
- On Monday and Wednesday from 10.00 until 12h30 and from 14.00 until 19.00
- On Tuesday and Thursday from 10.00 until 16.30